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Frequently Asked Questions at GI Associates of Chicago

Q: Will I feel anything?

 A: No. You will receive sedation that will keep you comfortable during the procedure. Afterwards your abdomen may feel distended or gaseous. This is expected but temporary.

Q: How long does the procedure last?

A: The length of the procedure depends on the patient and the presence of any polyps.  An upper endoscopy lasts approximately 5-10 minutes. A colonoscopy generally lasts about 20-30 minutes.

Q: How long will I be there?

A: The total time most patients are here is about one and a half hours. You will need to arrive about 15 minutes early to fill out forms. The normal recovery time varies with each patient but is usually 20-30 minutes.

Q. What is a polyp?

A: Colon polyps are growths on the inner lining of the colon and are very common. There are several different types of colon polyps, each with differing tendencies to become malignant. The type of polyp influences the ability to predict the development of more polyps and cancer.

 Q. When can I eat? And what can I eat?

A: You are given something to drink when you are awake after the procedure and you can swallow safely. You may eat after you leave the endoscopy center. You should avoid any heavy, greasy food for the first few hours to avoid upsetting your stomach.

Q: Can I drive or work the day of the procedure?

 A: No, you will not be able to work or drive the day of your procedure. You will receive sedation and need to take it easy. You can resume normal activities the next day.

Q: Can I take my medication the day of the procedure?

A: You are to take your blood pressure medication and your heart medication the day of your procedure. You will receive instructions regarding your other medications if you are diabetic or on blood thinners at the time you schedule your procedure.

Q: When do I resume my medications?

A: You will be given instructions before you leave regarding when to resume your medication. If there are no restrictions you should be able to resume them the same day. Follow the instructions given upon discharge.